Learning Frontiers

Learning Frontiers is focused on advancing our understanding of Nebraska’s policies and practices — across rural and urban communities — that support children’s early learning and academic success from preschool to third grade.

The study will help identify factors within homes, schools and communities that best support children’s healthy development, and will be used to improve the state’s practices and policies to this end.

OLOS in Nebraska

Optimizing Learning Opportunities for Students (OLOS) in Nebraska is focused on investigating how student-teacher interactions and classroom instructional practices relate to growth in children’s math and literacy skills across the school year.

OLOS in Nebraska provides a comprehensive, multidimensional assessment of the state’s structural features, classroom processes and instruction quality as children transition from preschool to third grade.

Learning Frontiers and OLOS in Nebraska are part of the Early Learning Network, the nation’s leading, interdisciplinary early childhood research network focused on improving children’s academic success in preschool through third grade.